#057 The Agora

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B5_#057 // Boundary // Stanislas Turcon
The proposal formalises itself as a pavilion which functions as a small agora. A place for discussion and debate between architect and other disciplines such as philosophy, sciences, politics, art, education, economy… 

In today’s society, control operates through more and more regulations that shape every aspects of our lives. Indeed, professions have become increasingly specialised and conform to norms. In the process, builders, researchers, teachers, doctors have lost their autonomy and the artisans know how they once had.
In the rise of the digital era where smart technologies have already changed forever the way we experience the physical world, architecture must open the door in its walls to redefine its identity and architects should not fall into the trap of becoming agents in the construction of an inevitable infinite virtual interior space for consumption and manufactured dreams. 
Stanislas Turcon is a Year Out Student at the Architectural Association

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