#056 Boundaries are the crystallisation of frustration.

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B5_#056 // Boundary // Quentin Dauvergne

A boundary is acknowledged when one wants, or tries, to cross it.

When one needs to protect himself, his integrity, or his belongings,

Whether it be territorial, material, or psychological.

A boundary is set by one entity, and suffered by another.

It may make oneself part of a group, guarantee it’s safety,

Prove its legitimacy.

The implied feeling of belonging, of being included, is powerful

enough to sometimes become a justification for men’s lives.


However, boundaries can now be used as extensions of the self.

Singularity is displayed on multiple layers,

curated projections of ourselves, proving our existence.

These multiple complimentary frames act as a supposedly coherent

global interpretation of « who we are »

Joining these transparent windows on ourselves

we give to one another,

Lies an opaque protection of the everyday life.

Behind it: the intimate, the unstaged.


This installation questions the density, and ultimately the existence,

of the unstaged life,

Squeezed between densified layers of public presence.

At the center, only the minimum is left for our physical existence:

1 single square meter,

under a 2.20m high ceiling,

according to regulation.

The scale of this minimum ends up betraying

the disproportioned grandeur we display,

as a facade to society.


How much of our life exists between those walls?

How much of it remains to discover?


Quentin Dauvergne is an Intermediate Student at the Architectural Association

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