#055 Access-Memory-Lens

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B5_#055 // Boundary // Emily Priest 

If we were to understand the windows in our memory as penetrable realities, that we can either chose to engage with or disengage; we might begin to imagine a space capacitated by floating boundaries between the reality of now (physical world), and that of the places within our minds (memory palace).

The structures holding these memories, might be termed as ‘lens’’, and depending on the intensity, relevance and resonance of the memory, the lens might change in dimension or overlap with another lens; it might even become anchored to another memory, to then eventually fade from our memory matter.

The beauty of the lens as a boundary condition, is that we control whether to enter into or discard the memory, the boundary is not fixed, it is moving and regenerating constantly as we are reshuffling what we choose to remember and what we choose to forget in our minds. In this sense, the boundary between real and memory is free-flowing, it never encompasses a form; instead it is a membrane of thoughts; an ever-changing threshold.

In fact, perhaps all boundaries are psychological constructs and the ‘window’ is simply the moment of our decision to move into or away from the new territory.

Emily Priest is a Diploma Student at the Architectural Association

*Images from drawing extracted from the film: Beginners, Director: Mike Mills, 2011.

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