#054 Walled in by Facebook

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B5_#054 // Boundary // Christopher Delahunt

The Facebook platform, with almost two billion active users, is the biggest digital community ever. The internet connects us instantaneously from all corners of the globe. The digital community of Facebook uses a medium of no boundaries, so why are we limited to a small ‘Facebook Wall’ to graffiti our digital lives upon? Is it to maintain an element of control? Or perhaps the metaphorical boundary of the Facebook Wall means we all become an equal part of this ‘meta-civilisation’. In a constantly connected world we forget the process of connecting to the internet and in doing so disregard the formalities of internet space: cyberspace. The Facebook community is a truly global community… but… I cant help feeling that 30 years after the invention of the internet and the world wide web, that our aspirations for a cyberspace of limitless potential have been lost. We seem happy to succumb to our walled boundaries of Facebook and take our daily feed from Tumblr and Instagram.
It is time for us to break down these walls and begin to uncover the lost dreams of a cyberspace long forgotten.
Christopher Delahunt is a M.Arch Student in the Bartlett School of Architecture

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