#050 The Tomb

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B4_#050 // The Tomb // Georgi Belyanov

Steering clear from the natural human instinct to preserve and revive the deceased, whether physically or mentally, the proposed tomb faces the death of its owner as a terminal fact — an inevitable and predictable rite of passage that is treated with dignity and composure. It constitutes of a masonry cella serving the sole function of housing the sarcophagus of the departed, and provides for nothing more than a moment of quiet but dignified remembrance for the lamenting. Limestone walls sit atop a socle in dark granite and support a marble cornice, above which rests an undressed parapet in brick. There is nothing in the building alluding to the theme of loss on a symbolic level, except for the missing pediments resting onto an interrupted entablature.

Georgi Belyanov is a Diploma Student at the Architectural Association

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