#047 The Prolific Tomb

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B4_#047 // The Tomb // Anthony Ani 

The concept of death is something everyone has a hard time grasping. The thought of someonebeing snatched away for the remaining duration of our lives can be tough to deal with. However the circle of life demands that where there is death, there is also an opportunity for life. Thus, I propose a way for the bereaved to grieve in a more sustainable way through the creation of life.

The drawing portrays a ‘tomb’ where the ashes of the deceased are placed in individual planters (gravestones) and are used as nutrients to grow a unique plant. This plant acts as a memorial to the deceased and allows the bereaved to focus and ease their grief through the nurturing of the plant.

Anthony Ani is a Part 1 Architecture Graduate from The University of Edinburgh (ESALA)


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