#043 Approaching Absolute

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B4_#043 // The Tomb // David Flook

The tomb of tomorrow seeks a state of the absolute.  It attempts to convey the finality of the departed’s change in state without relying on any particular religious doctrine.  It is both approaching the absolute, yet in doing so also becomes entirely ambiguous.  Openings such as windows and doors are now entirely notional: recesses in its face serve only to recall a human scale.  The tomb cannot be entered and the tomb cannot be exited.  Whether one exists on the interior or the exterior their state is to be terminally unknown to their counterpart on the other side.

The tomb’s materiality further ambiguates and disambiguates itself.  It is reflective but only of its own geometry and the colour, a brand of ultramarine can be considered one of the most natural, yet synthetic colours in our arsenal: naturally occurring in pigments made from ground lapis lazuli but also co-opted by Microsoft as one of their main signifiers. 

The drawing attempts to present an absolute exterior and absolute interior: simultaneously.  It exploits the isometric model to achieve this.  Whilst viewing the drawing as a traditional isometric, an exterior will be seen (viewer is above, looking down) but if the viewer imagines themselves below one can perceive the tomb’s interior, roof becomes ceiling and external recesses now manifest as internal protrusions into the space.

David Flook is a Diploma Student at the Architectural Association School of Architecture

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