#038 Expedient Ephemerality

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B3_#038 // The Waiting Room // George Fergusson

We live in an exciting moment of history. At our fingertips, wherever we go, we can share our presence with the world. Yet by sharing our presencedo we also forgo our being fully present? If we’re not present then where are we? Are just waiting…

At what point does convenience become an end in itself? A digital abstractions meant to streamline our lives can stop our experiencing of it. Is it a choice of being Snappy or Chatty? Facebook Wall or Moments within real ones? ‘Clarendon’ Instagram filter or an actual sunset? 

Advents of technology are too often driven by demand without concern for social good. Being passive is not an option. Shaping the future of technology begins with ourselves. What are we waiting for?

George Fergusson is a diploma student at the Architectural Association School of Architecture 

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