#034 Happy to Wait

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B3_#034 // The Waiting Room // Ema Kacar :

People are terrified of boredom. 

You curse at yourself when you forget to bring a book onto a long flight, curse at whomever is responsible when Instagram is down, and refuse to eat in restaurants that don’t offer free Wi-Fi.

God forbid our methods of entertainment and amusement fail, forcing us to face the ‘real world,’ distraction-less. 
Thanks to the W8ingRm™, you will never have to!

With every single inch of it covered with QR codes you can link up to using your tablet & VR headset, you can join any of the 216 carefully selected scenarios in the blink of an eye. Go scuba diving in Peru, climb Machu Picchu, or run with the bulls in Pamplona – all from the comfort of a single room. You’ll never have to set foot outside again!

The wait’s over. W8ingRm™.

Ema is a Diploma student from the Architectural Association

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