#021 ‘Real News Network’ Protest Float

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B1_#021 // The Fake Newsroom // Jonathan Wren

This 64m3 is a cross section of a protest. A converted Popemobile –kindly donated to be used as a parade float– supports opponents of the ‘Fake News Media’ with continuous roaming Wi-Fi, aiding the spread of the ‘twitter-truth’. The float is a call to the advocates of Trump’s ‘Real News’ to rise up against the ‘corrupt media’ (except Fox News Network, obviously). After all, with the support of big players like the Pope and Denzel Washington, why wouldn’t they? N.B. The ‘Real News Network’ would like to thank the Pope for lending his Popemobile to their cause, and for his continuous support of the movement.

N.B. All above may be fake, it is not yet clear.

Jonathan Wren is an M.Arch Student at the Bartlett School of Architecture

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