#020 On a democratic use of the Camera Obscura.

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B2_#020 // The Fake Newsroom // Quentin Dauvergne

Today is Two Thousand and Seventeen AD.

Our engagement with reality shifted through the ages, reaching a continuous, infinite and self-curated stream of data resulting from the XXth century’s major invention : The Network.

Now being part of an organized and globalized system, people’s grasp on the world got extended to infinity, anywhere, anytime. Does anything reach us back in the echo of our voices ?

From our own situation within the network, we collaborate to the production of a generalized and openly accessible content, engaging our responsibility in a position that is not anymore passive, but dynamic.

This immaterial world has its own personalized portals.

As each and everyone progressively and carefully crafts his own singular door, one chooses the angle from which he decides to penetrate the network. This very archaic reflex of protection prevents us from violently bouncing back on a stratosphere of interactions, rejected as unadapted flying objects into a cosmos of loneliness.

Then, from this comfortable position within our scope of the network, we can freely enjoy the vision of a reality that we thus associate with the notion of Truth.

Consenting victims of a singularity-obsessed system’s agenda, what we contemplate through our portable mirror-like devices nonetheless only refers to our own path, our personal history.

However, the democratic and neoliberal society of individuals lets us enjoy the ultimate right to choose.

Turning the light off, we can very ironically use the reflective quality of our devices as a material surface -as opposed the immaterial transparency- to enable our vision to reach the other side; the unexpected, unseen, unexperienced dark side of the moon.

Empowerment then lies in our ability to take a risk, out of the usual, day to day comfort of convenient informations and politically correct ideas. Creating an encounter, a dialogue and a friction with the Other, might become the great exploration of our century.

The re-discovery, re-conquest of our citizenship.

Quentin Dauvergne is an Intermediate Student at the Architectural Association

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