#018 The Living Instrument

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B1_#018 // The Fake Newsroom // Stanislas Turcon

“Where the real world changes into simple images, the simple images become real beings and effective motivations of hypnotic behaviour.”

― Guy Debord, Society Of The Spectacle

Fake news are symptoms of the logic of audience ratings which follows the logic of the market. This elaborate scheme is a Trojan horse in the place of social existence. Imposture has always existed in human societies. The impostor is an individual or a group that perfectly adapts to other’s expectations and desires. His strategy varies accordingly to the values and myths of a society, he reflects them. Today, the social bond is no longer organised by political or religious narratives but by numbers. The value is defined by what can be fund, monetised, or conform to procedures. Society is driven by the myth of a subject entrepreneur that has to sell himself accordingly to other’s desires and trends of the market. The individual as a micro liberal corporation is in constant competition with others on the market of existential enjoyments. Behind the illusion of being apparent democratic public spaces, online platforms like Facebook and the physical realm of our cities are staged places for accumulation, consumption and security. The boundaries between Publicness and privacy, Fake and real are not only blurring, humanity itself is dissolving into the endless stream of images.

Stanislas Turcon is a Diploma Student at the Architectural Association

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