#015 The Fake Newsroom

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B2_#015 // The Fake Newsroom // Jamie Wilson

The “fake-ness” of fake news is perpetuated by its disconnection from the original source. The backlit screen through which many of us consume information plays a passive role in its transmission of news. Interactions with these devices often take place alone and are fleeting, inconsequential experiences in which we absorb but have no real tangible means of ascertaining whether something it true or not. I propose an alternative.

In medieval Britain much of the population were illiterate and therefore were unable to extract information through reading. A system arose in which an individual was tasked with announcing the news to the local population through speech, gathering large crowds. This person was named the “Town Crier”.

The architecture derived from this concept provides a platform in which accountability is encouraged through a direct engagement with the masses. Within the space below, we are able to discuss, debate, organise and process information in a more meaningful and social way. 

A protective cage surrounds the messenger’s platform incase shit gets real.

Jamie Wilson is a M.A. Architecture Graduate from Edinburgh University (ESALA) 

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