#002 You Are Here

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B1_#002 // The Director’s Office // Ema Hana Kacar

You’re struggling. You’ve got a 5 o’clock meeting and you haven’t prepared at all. The client’s yelling at you on the phone. You’re pretty sure your co-workers think you’re a failure, and you cant seem to ever make it into office on time.

You overheard two interns talking by the water cooler, apparently someone’s getting fired. Maybe it’s Janice, she’s pretty bad at her job… fuck, it may as well be you.

You’re trying to put together SOMETHING that would resemble what the client is asking for, and in that moment, your phone rings.

‘DIRECTOR’S OFFICE’ is displayed on the caller ID in bold capital letters.


Okay, pull yourself together. You pick up the phone, there’s silence for what seems like an hour but in reality is probably only a second, and then her voice: come to my office.

You stand up, all eyes on you.

You fucking hate her office. It’s the worst. You heard a rumor some people just get lost in there and never get out.

It’s just a rumor right?

Ema Hana Kacar is a Diploma student at the Architectural Association

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