#001 Here to Help

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B1_#001 // The Director’s Office // Henry Schofield

A satirical play on the power of a chauvinistic male director and his presence within an office.

Brief #1 looks at the typology of the directors office from an abstracted, ‘affected’ yet open minded employer’s point of view.

The Director is often unapproachable, and rarely present at work. The architecture speaks of temporality and intimidation within the context of the work place.

The physical body of the office references surveillance systems and presents itself as a unit that hangs from ‘the gods’ and rarely interacts with ‘the floor’.

The director who has constant eyes on all of his employers, and always has something to comment whether helpful or not – yet his lifestyle restricts his engagement with the everyday workings of the office – inhabits this space.

Henry Schofield is a M.Arch architecture student at the Bartlett School of Architecture

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